Thursday, January 13, 2011

True face of AMLO's 'left' allies: Convergencia backs PRI in Baja California Sur.

Yet another example of the incessant opportunism of Convergencia, a party that like Partido del Trabajo has ever since 2006 posited itself as "ultra loyal" to AMLO and as a "real" left radical party.

Convergencia was always and will likely always remain, just like the PT, an amazingly opportunist party that will turn its cape to whatever electoral wind it can use to reap any material benefits and advantages for itself. Claim: It has absolutely no ideological or programmatic agenda, and it is not a left-wing party.

Case in point: Baja California Sur, where the Convergencia candidate for governor, Martín Inzunza, decided not to run as a candidate. While AMLO defenders would be quick to point out that AMLO has told his supporters not to vote at all in BCS, given his open opposition to the PRD candidate, Inzunza, however, declined in favor of the nominal arch enemy, the PRI. Don't expect a comment from AMLO on this hypocrisy any time soon.

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