Thursday, January 13, 2011

The tragicomedy of the PT and Convergencia's conception of democracy

As is known by now, the PRD is likely to arrange an open poll in Mexico State to decide whether the party should go in alliance with the PAN, and who should be its candidate. Given that likely candidate Encinas has endorsed it, all should be fine. Let democracy work. Right?

Well: Then there's the case of the pejista ultra-faked-loyalty to AMLO, Partido del Trabajo and Convergencia, who display a quite particular understanding of democracy. Their respective leaders, Alberto Anaya and Luis Walton, said while the consultation has not yet been set in stone, they would willingly participate in it, but they would not endorse it should the outcome be a "Yes" to a PAN alliance...

Read: "Yes, we'll participate, but only accept the result if we win."

That said, this absurd statement is unfortunately very much in tune with Andrés Manuel López Obrador's own conception of democracy, which little resembles how the most of the world conceives of it.

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