Thursday, January 20, 2011

SME inching ever closer to PRI and Enrique Peña Nieto

The Mexican syndicate of electricians (SME) is moving ever closer to the PRI camp. Despite the tolerance that Mexico City Mayor Marcelo Ebrard has shown toward their countless demonstrations and outright thuggery in Mexico City, many reports indicate that the union is trying to sell itself to the next/highest bidder.

Secretary General Martín Esparza announced that SME will be backed by a SNTE section from PRI-run Coahuila state in its next march, and that 80 PRI national deputies belonging to the  Confederación Nacional Campesina (CNC) are backing their demand for a new electricity company in Mexico City, to replace the state Luz y Fuerza company that was dissolved by the federal government last year.

In addition, Esparza said the SME would also march toward the governor palace in Mexico State, where a majority of the SME members come from, to demand that Peña Nieto backs them.

How quickly Esparza and SME forgot about all the assistance and support from various leftwing and social organizations, as well as the city government itself, in Mexico City. Millions of inhabitants saw their travel interrupted from the many marches the SME held the past months, and voices called on Ebrard to say enough is enough. With the seeming decision of SME to jump in bed with the PRI, I wonder what Ebrard actually gained from the permissive attitudes toward the SME the past year.

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