Friday, January 21, 2011

"One can see that you are from Queretaro," "the laziness of campesinos"

A throwback to the language of an era that presumably had passed a long time ago, yet seemingly not.

Eduardo Tomás Nava Bolaños is a national senator from PAN, representing Queretaro state.
In a meeting held in the senate with Francisco Mayorga Castañeda, the secretary of agriculture, where Mayorga discussed some setbacks in the PROCAMPO agricultural program, Senator Nava Bolaños shared his intimate knowledge of the Mexican countryside by arguing that the campesinos are struggling not because of lack of resources, but because they are, quote, "lazy." Nava Bolaños dixit:

"Head out to the ejidos, to the zones of production, and see the abundance of land, yet the señor is sitting in his house and no one is working on the plot. Don't blame the federal government for the laziness of the campesinos."

That's right, senator - nevermind that in some estimates 60 percent of migrants who made it to the United States are campesinos who have fled the countryside because they can not survive on the income they get from working their land - they really are just lazy!

The best reply came from Senator Francisco Javier Berganza, of Convergencia:
"Oh senator, one notes that you are from Queretaro."

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