Friday, January 21, 2011

Joaquín López-Dóriga: Taking sides or sloppy reporting?

As has been well covered in the media, the PRD has complained about two seemingly blatant breaches of electoral - and penal - law in Guerrero: One is the interception of a semi trailer packed with food handouts bearing the imprint of the Mexico State social agency DIF; the other is the fake edition of the newspaper La Jornada that proclaimed that the PRD candidate had lost the gubernatorial debate.

Yet reading Joaquín López-Dóriga's column today in Milenio is like looking into a distorted parallel universe: He gets it completely backwards. To quote the veteran reporter,
"This is how it is going to be? The dirty campaigns in Guerrero at the limits. Some are making fake handouts from the DIF in Mexico State, and others are publishing an apocryphal edition of the newspaper La Jornada - Guerrero with a front page that says the PRD candidate won the debate."
Is this really how it went, López-Dóriga? On what grounds to you claim the handouts were faked? And why do you write that the fake newspaper gave the victory to the PRD candidate, when it actually said that the PRD candidate lost the debate, and thus obviously was made by the PRI and not the PRD?

Sloppy reporting - or has Joaquín López-Dóriga now simply thrown his lot openly with the PRI?

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