Sunday, January 2, 2011

Mexico at its very worst: An incident in Cancún and the Mexican Green Party

So you have a case of a young man, Free Bronkhorst, a foreigner to add, who is being physically attacked by another man, Iván Ferrat Mancera, in Cancún, on Oct. 11 in 2009. Video cameras capture the incident, which seemingly show Ferrat Mancera and a companion as the the initial aggressors.

(Bronkhorst´s family and friends has uploaded the videos on, and runs an advocacy Web site for Free)

Yet what happens? Ferrat Mancera, as it turns out, is the brother of Alain Ferrat Mancera, head of the local branch of the Mexican Green Party (PVEM) and - I am not making this up - the local city councilor for tourism! - and Bronkhurst, a Dutch national, is the one ending up in jail, where he will spend the next 14 months.

Bronkhurst, finally, was just released around Christmas, after paying a 163,000-peso bail, yet he might return to the dock should the Ferrat Mancera family appeal the verdict.

I certainly do not know the details in this case, but let´s pose the question: Does anyone think that the fact that Iván Ferrat Mancera is the brother of a powerful PVEM politician, had nothing to do with the fact that Bronkhurst, rather than Iván, ended up rotting in a Cancún jail?

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