Sunday, January 2, 2011

AMLO´s candidate in Mexico State made up holocaust story

AMLO's choice as his candidate for governor in Mexico State, Yeidckol Polevnsky, has been criticized for a range of reasons, most obviously that she lost badly in her previous attempt (2005) and has minuscule chances of winning in 2011, but also for the reason that as federal senator, she has been very far from a champion of left causes, and has moreover displayed a range of what can only be described as personal failings. It was early revealed that Polevnsky had changed her name and lied about her family lineage, which still remains highly opaque to put it lightly, yet now a further v detail has come to light:

Luis Sánchez Jiménez, the leader of PRD in Mexico State and a former national deputy and mayor of Neza, claims that Polevnsky, in seeking to ingratiate herself with Mexico's Jewish community, made up a story that her grandparents died in the Holocaust.

I find there are few reasons to doubt this story; Sánchez Jiménez is, to use a quaint label, a most honorable man who enjoys great respect both within and outside the PRD, who, unlike Polevnsky and for that matter AMLO himself has an impeccable political trajectory within the political left.
(Let's not forget that AMLO remained a priísta during Mexico's fateful 1988 presidential election, only to later be convinced by Cuahutémoc Cárdenas to join what would become the PRD).

Yet to the leader of Mexico State's PRD chapter, enough is enough: The party is fed up with AMLO's attempt to force upon it Polevnsky as its candidate for governor. The recent revelation, as numerous others, further does not speak well of AMLO's judgment in his choice of Polevnsky as his anointed candidate.

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