Monday, January 3, 2011

Gabino Cué counterattacks as Oaxaca political instability in municipalities continue

As groups mostly tied to the PRI continue the "taking" of 20 municipalities, most of them of the usos y costumbres type, where they refuse to hand over power, following 8 decades of hegemony, to the opposition, the state electoral institute of Oaxaca, IEEA, quite abruptly annulled the electoral result in a whopping 47 (or 48) districts.

Yet Governor Gabino Cué reacted quite strongly to this, arguing that "something failed" in the EEAA, questioning the EEAA´s decision as "strange" and unprecedented.

Moreover, in addition to promising "measures" against the taking of the 20-plus municipalities, mostly due to post-electoral disputes, Cué met with the provisional authorities of the 48 districts where the elections were cancelled, and announced that they would not receive any resources or be allowed to carry out major works, until new and duly elected authorities come to power. Not too subtly, he warned against the elections bringing into power new political groups" given that in the districts were the elections were cancelled, they had been overwhelmingly won by Cué's opposition.

Cué appears to be putting his foot down and taking a stand here: This is a good sign for the authority of his administration.

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