Monday, January 3, 2011

Dramatic turn of events in Mexico State: PAN and PRD may drop out of race

cThe leaders of the local branches of the PAN and PRD in Mexico State, Germán Olivares and Luis Sánchez Jiménez respectively, announced that given the skewed playing field resulting from the infamous Ley Peña introduced by Governor Enrique Peña Nieto to disadvantage the opposition, as well as the control by PRI of both the state´s electoral institute and electoral tribual, the parties are considering withdrawing from the race entirely. This happened after listening to the discourses of the Mexico State electoral institute (IEEM) councilors Juan Carlos Villareal, Jesús Jardón Nava, José Martínez Vilchis and Policarpo Montes de Oca, who in essence fully dismissed PAN´s and PRD´s concern regarding the election. The four councilors are fully identified with the PRI, and make out 4 out of the 7 councilors on the IEEM.

This announcement is quite dramatic. According to the party leaders, the executive committees of PAN and PRD will this week evaluate whether they will actually withdraw from the contest.

One worst case scenario coming to mind: PAN and PRD withdraws, while AMLO, convinced as always that "the people" is with him, runs with PT, loses badly, yet his participation legitimizes a 75-percent victory in favor of the PRI candidate.

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