Friday, December 31, 2010

For 2011: Prriority for the PRD's deputies to "defend IFE's autonomy"

The PRD, in outlining its legislative priorities for 2011, put "defend IFE's autonomy" high on its list. The party is accusing the PRI of trying to grab control of the Federal Electoral Institute through the nominations to the vacant positions as IFE councilors: PRI is seeking to name two of the three councilors, leaving one for PAN and none for the PRD. This is a highly serious omen: Keep in mind that PAN and the PRI's steamrolling of earlier IFE appointments and leaving out the PRD was a key ingredient in the 2006 "perfect storm," where the party had less than full confidence in the autonomy of the IFE going into that year's presidential election for the simple reason that PAN and PRI had irresponsibly left the PRD out of the negotiations.

Should PRI, through temporary legislative alliances, be left with two more IFE councilors... expect 2006 to be repeated as farce in 2012.

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