Sunday, September 2, 2012

Mexico's new Senate head is embarrasing

Ernesto Cordero Arroyo has not held a single elective office in his life. No municipal presidency, mayorship, governorship, and no legislative office - not even as a state legislator, let alone federal deputy. He was nonetheless put on the first spot on the proportional representation list for the Senate, which guaranteed him a spot in Mexico's highest legislative chamber without having to campaign for his seat. It was clearly a pay-off from Calderón, who had promoted him as his successor for president, though that primary was in the end won by the hapless Josefina Vázquez Mota.

Yet to simply award an ultra-loyalist with zero legislative experience a senatorship is one thing; to make him head of the Senate(!) is another. Yes, amazingly enough, Cordero - who was one of the most arrogant, venomous, and politically tone-deaf members of Calderón's cabinet - will now preside the Senate the coming year,in addition to heading the PAN's senate group.

His inexperience and record of personal unsuitability bodes ill for legislative compromises. More immediately, his appointment is simply pathetic and embarrassing.

Se instala la 62 Legislatura en el Senado; Cordero rinde protesta. La Jornada, Aug. 30, 2012


  1. How can Cordero be head of the Senate when the PAN is only the second strongest party and the PRI has more Senators?

  2. Good question. The easiest answer is: They take turns. There is no legal requirement like in the Chamber to do so, burt likely there will be a PRI and then even a PRD president later down this legislature. It is also part of deal that involves much horse-trading over other commissions.