Monday, August 27, 2012

World attention for christian cult psychopaths in Michoacán

The psychopathic and criminal thugs of  Nueva Jerusalén, in Turicato municpality in Michoacán, are finally getting international attention:

A video from CNN here.
From the BBC, here.

The gutless PRI governor of the state, Fausto Vallejo Figueroa, calls for dialogue with the violent cultists, who destroy schools and pelt children with rocks, and have in the past been involved in rape and abuse scandals of their own brainwashed flock. There seems to be little point in dialogue at this point, yet one likely reason why Vallejo is not moving to arrest the leaders, as he should, is that the town has faithfully, with irony intended, voted PRI since it gained control in the 1970s.

Mexico cult eyes 'evil' secular schools. CNN, Aug. 23, 2012
Mexico row as religious sect blocks schooling access. BBC World News, Aug. 23, 2012

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