Saturday, July 7, 2012

Soriana vote buying reaches international media

Sorianagate (what else) won't go away, and AMLO et al are doing their part, appearing at a press conference in front of a wall plastered with many of the 3,500 Soriana cards the left coalition said it had received the past days:

El Universal

Beyond the story itself, where PRI is accused of massive vote-buying through Soriana store gift cars, it is also very interesting to see the media reaction. Take Carlos Marín, a very sharp mind but possibly the most venous of Milenio's columnists - kind of like Jefe Diego of PAN - who completely ridiculed the story immediately after it broke.

Yet quite a few international news media - AP, The Washington Post, etc - and now even IFE has found the accusations serious enough to warrant an investigation and ask Soriana for more information. It makes me wonder: If this is how big-names like Marín are acting before EPN takes power, imagine how they will be after one sexenio. They say jump and you say how high.

CNN also reported on the very venerable Alianza Cívica, of fame as election observers during Mexico's democratic transition, which for this election found, against IFE's rather rose-tinted lenses, there were indeed many irregularities includingvote coercion. We'll see if AMLO's coalition can come up with something tangible for their complaint to the TEPJF electoral court, though I strongly doubt there is any risk of annulling the election.

In any case: Given that Mexicans have just about the best sense of political humor in the world, I couldn't help but to include this one:


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