Sunday, July 8, 2012

PRI mayor's brother murders PRD councilman in Nuevo León

The dead body of Tomás Betancourt Gaytán was found with a clean PRI t-shirt on it.

Betancourt was a councilor in the Nuevo León town of Benito Juárez. He was coordinator of AMLO's MORENA electoral movement in the city, and right before the elections received a visit by four men who beat him up and kidnapped him. He was found dead two days later, two bullets in his head and two in his chest - but with a squeaky clean PRI shirt on him.

The man signaled as behind the murder is Mauro García Garza, a former police and brother of Luis Alfredo García Garza, who is currently the PRI mayor of Benito Juárez. He is now a fugitive.

Ligan a hermano de alcalde en NL con asesinato de regidor del PRD. La Jornada, July 7, 2012.

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