Saturday, July 14, 2012

NYT profiles Alejandro Solalinde

Kudos to The New York Times and Elisabeth Malkin for this profile of Oaxaca migrant defender Alejandro Solalinde:
He returned this week to his beloved state of Oaxaca, where he runs a shelter in Ciudad Ixtepec, a sweltering railroad town where migrants wait to scramble atop cargo trains that will take them on the next leg of their wearying trip to the United States.More migrants will be arriving, he said, pushed by poverty and violence at home. A long-suspended train service directly from the Guatemalan border is being renewed. “That means the merchandise is coming, the captive customers,” Father Solalinde said.He expected the threats to continue as well. For the criminals, he said, “there is a problem: Father Solalinde is in the way; he won’t let us do our work comfortably so we have to pressure him, threaten him, kill him so he won’t disturb us.”
A Priest Stands Up for the Migrants Who Run Mexico’s Gantlet. The New York Times, July 13, 2012.

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