Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Calderón blocks victims law in about turn

Calderón continues to draw ire with his erratic actions or backtracking on earlier promise. Recently he sent back to the Senate the Ley General de Víctimas, or the Victims' Law, which aims to aid and compensate the victims of violence in the drug war, including creating a national register of victims, instead of signing it into law. It was in practice a veto.

Even PAN senators rejected Calderón's "observations," to the law, and returned it right away without even bothering to look at these, arguing that these added notes came too late and that it is instead Calderón's constitutional responsibility to publish it and thus enact it immediately. Unless he does so, the only remaining choice is to take it to the Supreme Court, which would in any case postpone the law for many months.

Javier Sicilia, whose victims' movement was the main impulsor of the law, called Calderón "blind" and someone who went from "betrayal to betrayal" for reneging on a much-publicized promise to back the law in a public meeting with Sicilia.

Yet Calderón seems incapable of standing down or taking absolutely any criticism for any of his actions. As El Universal put it, Calderón recently said of his administration, "'there have been achievements and mistakes,' without mentioning any in particular."

With few months remaining of his term, Calderón seems increasingly to turn a deaf ear to criticism, even from his own party. Who's a "danger to Mexico" now?

Se recrudece pugna por Ley de Víctimas; rechazan revisión. Animal Político, July 12, 2012.
Calderón está ciego, va de traición en traición: Sicilia. La Jornada, July 13, 2012.

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