Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7 of 10 teacher candidates failed, but it doesn't matter

The results are in from the Examen Nacional de Conocimientos, Habilidades y Competencias Docentes, or the obligatory exam for those aspiring to teach at Mexico's schools.

The results are just as bad as in earlier years: 70 percent failed, meaning 94,0400 of 134,704 exam takers did not even get half the questions of the exam right, which was the barrier to fail.

Yet the results will have absolutely no impact on whether they will be offered a teaching job or not.
And lest there remain any confusion: Just because Mexico's teacher aspirants have to take an entry exam, this does not mean they will ever need to take any other exams in their lifetime to prove they actually know any or all of the material they are educating Mexico's youth on.

Reprueban aspirantes a maestros. El Universal, July 23, 2012.

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  1. Before I assumed that there were incompetent teachers, I'd want to know how this exam was designed, and how it was delivered before drawing any conclusions. A 70 percent "fail" rate COULD indicate that the examination is invalid or improperly designed.

    As it is, I'm wondering if "teaching to the test" (as was tried in the U.S. on students) really is in the best interest of education.