Monday, June 4, 2012

Fox calls for PRI vote

Former President Vicente Fox' sympathy for Enrique Peña Nieto has long been an open secret, which of course makes it no secret at all. Yet I don´t think we've seen it quite this blunt: Fox now openly calls for a vote for the PRI candidate. That's right: Fox calls for a PRI vote in 2012.

This is quite amazing -Fox was a president elected on the the PAN ticket, and the first non-PRI president in 71 years. He is now, one month before the elections, stabbing his own party in the back in the most open of manners. 

I can't but help that this will only be an advantage to AMLO, who has long argued that PRI and PAN, or "PRIAN," are essentially the same. 

What better evidence could one possibly point to than Fox calling for a vote for the PRI?

Update: Key panistas such as Ernesto Cordero are calling for Fox to be kicked out of PAN. PAN president Gustavo Madero also calls on Fox to simply shut up. Now that'll be the day. 


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