Thursday, May 24, 2012

Ex PAN leader Espino, now with Peña Nieto

Manuel Espino Barrientos was president of PAN 2005-2007, and a key architect of the "dirty war" against AMLO that had Calderón elected in 2006. Yet he soon fought with the president, and was expelled from the PAN for backing PRI candidates in 2010, a decision he strongly opposed.

As if to prove his ex-party colleagues right, Espino, who belonged to the most arch-reactionary sectors of PAN and was close to the catholic secret extremist organization El Yunque, now came out in favor of Enrique Peña Nieto for the 2012 election. Here is the obligatory raising-the-arm-of-picture:

El Universal

One utterance by Espino was probably as honest an admission as one could expect for the reasons behind his support: "Perhaps you don't need it, because you are ahead by far, but we wanted to be part of your triumph." Indeed.

While Espino's opportunism explains itself, it is even more disturbing that Peña Nieto will appear on stage with such an unsavory character.


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