Saturday, March 24, 2012

Worst.Excuse.Ever. for pirate taxis

From a PRI local deputy in the Mexico City legislature: When a car that belongs to him was impounded due to being used as a pirate taxi (!), Leobardo Urbina angrily denounced that it was not a pirate taxi at all. When authorities pointed out that the car had been stopped complete with taximeter,  Urbina instead took the high moral ground:
He (driver) works with me in the Assembly, and brought with him a taximeter so that we not forget where we came from, that's a moral thing I told my friends, let's go to the city assembly, but let's not forget who we are."
Yes, it had a taximeter just so the good legislator should not forget his roots. And presumably also why the taxi was confiscated as he was letting off a passenger from a 45-peso ride.

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