Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lie detectors, seriously?

Josefina Vázquez Mota yesterday handed over, unsolicited and to surprised officials at the federal electoral institute, the results of lie detector and drug tests, and suggested other presidential candidates do the same.

What is she running for, the presidency of a high school council or that of Mexico?

This is simply petty and childish.


  1. I really don´t know but it seems you have a problem with PAN and Mota. A drug test and a lie detector test should be required here in Mexico AND the USA and everywhere else.
    You got something to hide??
    If you are going to be a PRI blog, just say so , I´ll delete you from my favorites

  2. If you have a problem with cognitive dissonance, that is, if you are opposed to reading anything you disagree with, you should perhaps consider refraining from reading this blog. If you really believe this is a pro PRI blog you should perhaps examine your head as well.

  3. You may have misread me quite a bit. I was quite excited about her candidacy, though I would not have ever voted for her, as I am simply in disagreement with the PAN's ideology and party platform. Yet her behavior I find increasingly erratic, and what I've heard from the trail - I saw her in person a couple of months ago - has left me very, very unimpressed. I simply think she is a complete lightweight, and not qualified to be a president. That does not make me a PRI backer. As the poster above suggest, perhaps you should read some of my earlier postings on PRI and Peña Nieto.

  4. I agree this blog leans PRD rather than PRI, which also explains the difficulty in maintaining impartiality to Josefina. I think we all have to remind ourselves sometimes that this is not the 2006 election, and bashing Josefina or AMLO to much does not help anyone but the party that is already far ahead in this race.