Monday, March 12, 2012

Gabriel Quadri, zero credibility

Gabriel Quadri, the presidential candidate for Elba Esther Gordillo's teacher party PANAL, is man who have completely exhausted whatever credibility he once held as a political journalist/environmentalist/activist etc:

While he earlier heaped praise upon the notorious Gordillo as an "admirable woman" and referred to her authoritarian union, led with iron hand by its "president-for-life" Gordillo since 1989, he now managed to claim that Gordillo has nothing to do with PANAL.

As anyone with a modicum of political knowledge would know - and Quadri certainly fits here - PANAL is a party created by and at the complete disposal of Gordillo, for sale for the highest bidder during both state and federal elections since its 2005 creation. It claims a "liberal" ideology, but is utterly devoid of any ideology or programmatic orientation.

(most recently a PANAL deputy, Héctor Alonso Granado, spewed anti-gay slurs in the state of Puebla, for which he was denounced to the state's human rights commission - so much for social liberalism)

Yet by openly proclaiming his adherence to these open "untruths," Quadri's credibility is not just undermined; it is really already, before the official election process has even started, gone out the door.

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  1. That is odd, why would he even claim such a thing? It doesn't make sense, everyone knows Gordillo has influence (to say the least) in PANAL. I will look for a youtube video or something to see it for myself, since it sounds like quite the nonsensible statement. Not really sure that it means all that much either way, he's at about 2% or so and from what I have heard so far he hasn't been too controversial.