Tuesday, February 7, 2012

El Yunque wins in Guanajuato: Miguel Márquez Márquez wins

Other key PAN candidates were elected this Sunday:

Guanajuato: Miguel Márquez Márquez won over former health secretary José Ángel Córdova Villalobos to be PAN's gubernatorial candidate in Guanajuato in 2012 - and given PAN's strength in the state, that makes him very likely its next governor. Márquez was the anointed successor of current governor Juan Manuel Oliva, and is also very close to the catholic extremist organization El Yunque, which nonetheless reportedly is  divided internally these days. It was also another defeat for Calderón and also Fox, who both backed Córdova.

Jaliasco: PAN chose Fernando Guzmán, a pure yunquista, as its candidate. PAN has run the state since 1992 but will also face two strong candidates:  Mayor Enrique Alfaro Ramírez of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga (of the larger Guadalajara metro area) for the left, and Guadalajara mayor Jorge Aristóteles Sandoval Díaz of the PRI.

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