Saturday, February 11, 2012

Clouthier on Vázquez Mota: Quote

Manuel Clouthier said he would not seek a PAN senate seat from Sinaloa given differences with the national PAN leadership.

Then, he noted of Josefina Vázquez Mota that he knows "what she is made of" given that he was her colleague for two years in the Chamber of Deputies:

"she has an extraordinary ability to deceive people"



  1. After less than a week of positive receptions of Josefina by individuals and the press, it appears that the "new" PRI machinery now has a new anti-PAN attack every 5 minutes, from slighted senatorial candidates to the same old anti-pan articles from Milenio, to any media or individual that will bite on the latest statistics blaming the great recession on the PAN.

    Who are they mistaking the PAN for to consider them a cause of international recessions, are people confusing them with the PRI? From the debt crisis in '82 destroying credit markets, growth, and banks to the peso crisis in '94 destroying standards of living, they are the expert crisis-makers. Mexico does not need another internal crisis during the Great Recession.

    The PRI is also the expert in dissatisfied party members, where else would every other party have to emerge from in a formerly one-party state apparatus? To this date it is hard to turn around and not find another biased Mexican newspaper or statistics agency source not spinning everything in favor of the PRI.

    Has everyone forgotten about the Party with the nearly insurmountable lead? The one that barely tracked US growth rates during high growth times and made bad times out of good external environments? Alas Mexican Institutions, so far from democracy, so close to the PRI machinery.

  2. And the PRI is more honest? I'm not buying it.

  3. Well, there is an alternative, though it appears Televisa and the foreign media dare not speak its name. Something about Revolutionary and Democratic... um... what could it be?