Saturday, January 28, 2012

Now have you seen this man? Puebla functionary flees justice

Javier García Ramírez, a government secretary in the 2005-11 government of Mario Marín in Puebla, is now as well wanted by the Mexican police and Interpol, as he has likely fled the country. Here's a picture of the man:
He is the second functionary sought arrested this year from the government of  Marín, a protector of pedophiles and rapists. García is accused of having ratted away at least 23 million pesos.

Here's another picture, of his car park, which was just confiscated: A Range Rover, a BMW X6, a Chevrolet Suburban, Audi 5 series, and a VW Touareg. Pretty nice sets of wheels for a state functionary, wouldn't one think?

El Universal

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  1. Aguachile, aka "Mexico's most (un) wanted" :-)