Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More class warfare... this time José Ismael Loría Ancona

Another "Gentleman de las Lomas" incident of pure class hatred from the very wealthy in Mexico, this time the former state sports secretary in Quintana Roo, José Ismael Loría Ancona, who drove his car into a tree dead drunk, and with his sister proceeded to curse out the police, threaten them, and try to bribe them. Rather than try to translate the insults, here they are in pure undestilled  form:

To the police:

"Te crees muy chingón no, muy culito, pinche muerto de hambre cabrón"
“Tu seguridad pendeja me pararon, yo les dije tranquilos déjenme ir, les doy una lana, lo que quieran”
" sabes con quién trato."..
"si me meten en el bote no hay pedo, mañana salgo, pinche gente no tienen ni la secundaria"

And from his sister, to the police with love:

 "Ahora sí se los carga su puta madre cabrones!"


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