Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Class hatred in Mexico gets international attention

Thanks to Tim Johnson who first brought this disturbing case to my attention:

The beating of a valet parking attendant by a wealthy resident of the Lomas neighborhood is now getting international attention, from The Guardian:

A video of a businessman assaulting a car park employee has added to mounting pressure within Mexico to confront pervasive class-based and racist abuse.The footage shows Miguel Sacal in the lobby of his apartment building in Mexico City repeatedly punching and kicking an employee, Hugo Vega, who does not defend himself. Subtitles, added to the soundless video, claim the attack was triggered by Vega's refusal to leave his duties at the counter to attend to a flat tyre on Sacal's Porsche.At one point Vega's colleagues halt the violence. Sacal is seen standing over his crouching victim and, according to the subtitles, says "fucking Indians" before kicking him again.

There is nothing new in the class hatred and racism many members of Mexico's upper class feel for their countrymen; what is different now is that thanks to Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, such disturbing acts have recently gone viral for the general public to behold.

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