Thursday, January 26, 2012

Barrales: Make a fuss, and ye shall receive

Here is an example of a practice I abhor but that seems to be ever more utilized these days:

Alejandra Barrales was just presented as a senator candidate for the left for Mexico City, by Marcelo Ebrard himself. Independent of Barrales' qualifications, this leaves me with a bad taste in the mouth.

Why? Because this is simply rewarding Barrales for not having been a democrat and accepted her loss in the poll that decided the left's mayor candidate for Mexico city 2012. She clearly, utterly lost the poll, but threw a fit about it, and according to some rumors even threatened a separate run on the PANAL label, refusing to accept the validity of the poll and insinuating, without offering any shred of evidence, that she was the victim of foul play. To make her shut up and prevent a break on the left, it now appears, she was simply awarded a senate seat - which I am far from certain she is particularly well prepared for.

In short: It pays to act not only like a stubborn child but even anti democratically and refuse to accept your loss, because the further you push your protests, the more likely it is you will be rewarded with a consolation price.

This is truly a logic of diminishing returns for political parties, as it will only encourage similar behavior in the future.

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