Monday, January 30, 2012

AMLO and PRD walking the walk on unity

It may be merely a facade, and a temporary one at that, but it nonetheless does raise an eyebrow to see this picture:
El líder nacional del PRD y el tabasqueño.

That is AMLO with PRD President Jesús Zambrano, appearing together for a campaign event in Caborca, Sonora. It is remarkable, given the long animosity between AMLO and Zambrano's social-democratic party faction in the PRD, Nueva Izquierda. When it comes to AMLO's talk of a "loving republic," he seems to be not just talking the talk. If only for appearances, that's at least something.

(For the campaign events, AMLO also drew in two popular athletes, cyclist Ana Gabriela Guevar and boxer Hernán "Tyson" Márquez.)

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