Tuesday, November 1, 2011

PRI president Moreira hints at stepping down in February

Despite the growing scandal in Coahuila - an extreme amount of debt contracted that was, it seems, contracted partly illegally - former PRI governor and now national PRI president Humberto Moreira Valdés said he will remain PRI president - even though his former treasurer was again just ordered behind bars for fallegedly falsifying documents while Moreira was still governor.

Moreira did hint that there might be "changes" in February, after PRI picks its presidential candidate. He has continued a very ill-fitting "I am a victim" posture since this scandal first surfaced. PRD calls for his resignation as PRI president to face the accusations head-on. PAN is not calling for him to step down (and perhaps wisely, as this is bringing increasing bad publicity to the PRI), but to cooperate with the investigation.

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