Wednesday, November 2, 2011

2012 "poll of polls": PRI-PVEM 50%, PAN 28%, PRD 18%

From Milenio: These are the averages of a combined six polls when it comes to party preferences for 2012:

* PRI and Green Party: 50 percent
* PAN: 28 percent
* PRD: 18 percent

I am more than a bit confused by some additional data: Apparently, Ebrard has a 17-10 percent advantage over AMLO. But  "counting the independents, the difference is narrowing: AMLO has 31 points, while Ebrard has 24"? Does this mean only among the independents? Or the entire population + independents? If the latter, these are remarkable figure, though the first scenario seems far more likely. Maybe I just need more coffe.

Now, while earlier offering Nov. 15 as the day of decision, Ebrard and AMLO say polls will be made the coming weekend to decide the left's candidate. One company chosen by each, and a third to corroborate.

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