Thursday, October 27, 2011

Michoacán governor election: PRI literally buying votes

From the "New PRI," which is looking every bit like the old PRI of Mexico's authoritarian past:

In Michoacán, PRI candidate for governor Fausto Vallejo Figueroa is literally handing out money at campaign events. It is no joke: From 500 to 1500 pesos, or around 40-120 dollars, to a range of people at campaign rallies. Both the PRD and PAN have launched complaints with the state electoral council.

And the best - worst, that is - part? Vallejo has absolutely no shame in admitting it: 

"Don't confuse a humanitarian act with handouts. Politics is for serving the human being, with principles and values, but when you look at this as something perverse, it is degenerated."

So Vallejo is not himself engaging in anything "perverse" by buying votes, but merely engaging in a humanitarian act. I am glad he cleared that up.

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