Friday, October 7, 2011

Who do you trust in Mexico? Family first, parties at bottom

Graphic from Milenio:
Sad figures for many institutions, above all political parties, which are found at the bottom.

I found this part quite entertaining, though. (from the article on the study):
"The survey was also an exercise in associating political parties with songs, animals, and popular sayings. PRI was ranked as the loyal dog, the hardworking ant, fighting cock, and the sly fox, as well as the popular saying, "el que no tranza no avanza" (roughly, If you don't cheat, you won't get ahead), as well as the line from the song of El Rey, "with money and without money I always do what I want."
PAN was placed with the song  Contigo Aprendí, while PRD was referred to as a parrot "that talks without knowing what it says," and with the popular saying, “ni picha ni cacha ni deja batear” (or very roughly, neither helps nor gets out of the way)."

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