Sunday, October 16, 2011

Free Ipads! Just give us your data, Mexican Green party says

This is truly repugnant. The Mexican "Green Party" is offering Ipads, Ipods, and refridgerators  - or, the chance of winning one of these items - in return for sending you their personal information - full name, address, etc.

Senator Arturo Escobar insisted that such practices does not need the permission of the Interior Ministry, as it is technically not a lottery, because no tickets are handed out.

He also denied that the PVEM has been handing out any flyer announcing this dubious practice, despite El Universal having revealed this in its investigation. Escobar is a man whose lack of sincerity, integrity and credibility rivals that of Sarah Palin, so I'll trust El Universal on this one.

There are few things I would like more to see happen in Mexican politics than the revocation of PVEM's party registry. May this be one more nail in its coffin.

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