Monday, October 3, 2011

AMLO relaunches MORENA, now a "civil organization"

It certainly was a display of force: More than 10,000 followers gathered in the National Auditorium to again promote AMLO's presidential campaign, and the launch of his Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional (Morena) as a "civic organization." AMLO had earlier noted he had no plans to turn it into a party or even a political association. He doesn't have to - he already has two parties in PT and Movimiento Ciudadano who have already all but declared that he will be their candidate no matter what.

AMLO keeps saying that he will not "cling" to the candidacy if he is not the "best positioned" candidate.
I simply do not believe him.

AMLO will be in the US the coming days, including holding a talk at the Wilson Center Tuesday Oct. 11.

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  1. A recent column by Lorenzo Meyer likened Morena to the 1968 student movement. Despite Meyer's consistent support of AMLO, I was astonished.
    In my view, AMLO is one more in a long line of caciques -- his interest seems to be more in maintaining his own position as ''leader'', rather than working to advance an agenda that has resonance independent of the personality of the leader.