Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mexican Green Party president abruptly removed - media power?

Jorge Emilio González Martínez,  the "Green kid" who has been president of the Mexican Green Party, Partido Verde Ecologista de México (PVEM), was abruptly removed as president and made into an "honorary councilor" following a vote at the party's national assembly.

This is purely theatrics: The only other president of the Green party was  González' father Jorge González Torres (1991-2001), and the party remains a pure financial family enterprise without any life or direction of its own. It is moreover the only right-wing "green" party in the world that even got kicked out of the "Green international."

Most probably not by coincident, the abrupt removal at the PVEM top follows an amazing investigation in the Mexican daily El Universal that details how the entire party leadership consists of random friends - from school, party friends, even his house cleaner - of the niño verde, who many may remember from the 2004 video scandal where he was on hidden camera offered a hefty bribe to allow some beach development to take place in an endangered area.


  1. Sigh. Few things in Mexican politics make me as furious as the so-called Green Party. And, unfortunately, there are still plenty of people who make the assumption that this is indeed an independent, and pro-environmental group, rather than a family business that sells its votes and influence to the PRI.
    Here in Yucatan, the electoral courts have just approved the formation of a new state-level party, the Partido Social Demócrata, despite convincing (to me, at least) evidence that many of its militants are co-registered with other parties (most notably the PRI/PVEM). The assumption is that this is one more ploy to channel resources, and potentially seats in the state Congress, to PRI supporters.

  2. That's interesting on the PSD. They've lost the registry before, both on state and national levels, so I'm surprised they're still trying to resuscitate it. As for your assumptions - I think you are unfortunately right on target regarding their intentions.