Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mario Delgado: Ebrard's favorite to be next Mexico City mayor

Technically it was only an event in "defense of education," so Mario Delgado's presence was quite natural given his position as education secretary in Mexico City. Yet given that his boss Marcelo Ebrard was there as well (the two arrived together, doing the hand-shaking pasarela together), along with key PRD elites such as Jesús Ortega and even historic leftwing leaders such as Salvador Martínez della Rocca , this is about as close to a formal endorsement by Ebrard of Delgado as his favored successor as it gets.

Martínez della Rocca, a 1968 student leader and political prisoner, referred to Ebrard as "chingón" - essentially, "fucking great." There you have it.

Senator Carlos Navarrete, a rival for the nomination, has recently stepped up his criticism of Ebrard, and won't be very happy about yesterday's event

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