Saturday, August 27, 2011

TEPJF orders the PRD to renew its national organs

Following a complaint by Carlos Sotelo, elected as PRD senator in 2006, the Electoral Tribunal (TEPJF) ordered the PRD to renew its organs - national congress, national council, and state councils - by Dec. 15.

The PRD sought to postpone the renovation of its national organs in particular, and this might also lead to the cancellation of all its recent decisions in its national congress and council, which would be a great setback to the party. Sotelo, however, is gloating - he opposes the party´s recent decisions such as to hold a national poll to decide the party's 2012 presidential candidate. A further consequence may also be to make invalid and cancel the party's internal election for party president, and leave the party without a national leadership - this, ahead of the crucial gubernatorial election in Michoacán in November.

With such members sabotaging their own party - who needs external enemies?

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