Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So when is Cordero declining? Josefina Vázquez Mota's big lead

Interesting figures on the candidates for PAN's 2012 presidential candidacy: Josefina Vázquez Mota surges ahead with 30.2 percent among all voters, and 39.4 among identified PAN voters. That is slightly ahead of Santiago Creel in the general demographic, but 9 points ahead among the PAN faithful - and poor Cordero is down on around 8.5 on both dimensions

The biggest plus, though: She is on the rise, and still is quite a bit less known than Creel, suggesting much potential to grow.

Señora presidenta?
(as it were, three of my students, Mexican nationals, all tend to think so, though they also very much like Ebrard...)

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