Sunday, August 14, 2011

PRI's ugly face in Mexico City: Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre, King of Garbage

Milenio refers to him as "possibly the most feared priísta in the capital." He is Cuauhtémoc Gutiérrez de la Torre, also known as the King of Garbage in Mexico City, a title and position he inherited from his murdered father, Rafael Gutiérrez Moreno. Now he wants to be president of the Mexico City branch of the PRI, where his group is the main rival of PRI Senator María de los Ángeles Moreno. Gutiérrez has mala fama for being extremely violent, and is fittingly close to local PRI deputy Cristián Vargas, the infamous Dipuhooligan of the Mexico City local legislature, involved in numerous violent events and disturbances, not to speak of threats and hate speech against e.g. the gay community.

Back to Gutiérrez (picture below): He, and his mother, control a large group of pepenadores, or those of extreme poverty who eke out a living by sifting through and collecting garbage, and has vigorously fought against the implementation of a more modern garbage collection system in Mexico City. The pepenadores are held down and controlled by a brutal and exploitative mafia. Gutiérrez has personally faced a plethora of accusations, including that he hired 20 female assistants and demanded sexual favors in return for pay raises. Thanks to his own personal fortune, he has been able to buy quite a bit of support and moreover bankroll the PRI in Mexico City.

From Milenio     
Gutiérrez´ plans to become head of the PRI in Mexico City faced a temporary setback when the Federal District Electoral Tribunal cancelled the PRI's convocation for the internal election (registration of candidates), arguing procedural errors. The motion was backed by Juan Carlos Vázquez, Gutiérrez main opponent, and the candidate of Senator Moreno.

It certainly will be in the PRD's interest that Gutiérrez eventually win the contest: It is hard to imagine a more discredited, repugnant public face of the PRI for the 2012 election for mayor, which would likely severely damage a Beatriz Paredes Rangel candidacy, should she run.

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  1. It is now to be established what the justice is made of in this corrupted-lead city where every politician does nothing but getting money from the city´s abundant financial resource for their own benefit, no matter party or political position. An investigative report from Quiré Miret (the producer of Carmen Aristegui) from MVS News has published today (2nd of april 2014). There, an infiltrated reporter shows up the whole structure of this infamous king of garbage to include a big group of prostitutes in the local PRI payroll to his own and his colleges' amusement and political advantage. Will the City Court Head, Hon. Edgar Elias Azar, PhD., put the so called king behind bars, or just do what he usually does, ie. find justification to avoid action.