Saturday, August 13, 2011

AMLO disqualifies new head of Mexico's Electoral Tribunal

Mexico's federal electoral tribunal, TEPJF, may have a new president in Alejandro Luna Ramos, but Andrés Manuel López Obrador already has disqualified him as belonging to the "power mafia," and that he will thus not serve to guarantee impartiality in the 2012 elections.

Disqualifying the Electoral Tribunal even before the 2012 contest has officially begun certainly is not a promising sign.

TEPJF president Luna Ramos is the only remaining judge on the tribunal from the 2006 presidential election, which AMLO continues to claim, with no evidence, was fraudulent. TEPJF voted unanimously to declare Felipe Calderón the winner in 2006, though it did acknowledge many irregularities.

A recent article in Proceso by Álvaro Delgado, which is highly critical of Luna Ramos, is also worth a read, even if a tad tendentious.

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