Tuesday, July 12, 2011

SNTSEDESOL thugs shut down the secretariat of social development

Here's more than a bit of fuel to the fire for the argument that many of Mexico's unions are in desperate need of democratization and a thorough house cleaning of thugs:

Cristina Olvera, head of the union of employees of Mexico's social development secretariat (Sindicato Nacional de Trabajadores de la Secretaría de Desarrollo Social, SNTSEDESOL), led a few hundred workers to essentially shut down the federal secretariat, affecting millions: Due to the shutdown of services, everything from registration into social programs to the handing out of food to the elderly and children's nutrition program have been negatively affected.

And what was the glorious cause that led Olvera et al to block entrances and lock up the buildings with chains and padlocks, shutting down SEDESOL institutions all over the country?

The union is demanding the removal of the of Sedesol in Hidalgo, for having fired an employee who was accused of abusing a disabled child.  For that, they decided to screw over millions of poor, old and children, all over Mexico.

This is simply incredible.

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