Tuesday, July 5, 2011

PRI's win: It hurts, and especially because of the "why"

I readily admits it hurts to see the smirking face of PRI president Humberto Moreira all over the Mexican media, following the PRI's demolishing carro completo - and, as I believe Manuel Camacho has noted a few times, not chiefly for the PRI's victory, but because of how they win: They contract as much public and private debt they can, go on a wild spending free, and leave the problems for the future, for the people to pick up the bill.

It is an irresponsibility and cynicism that angers.

Eruviel Ávila's win, with 41 percent more votes than his closes adversary, is the highest in Mexico State's history, according to Milenio.

Yes, and when  Enrique Peña Nieto became governor of Mexico State, the state debt was 1.5 billion pesos.
By 2010, it was 37 billion.

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