Friday, July 8, 2011

PRD and a 2012 alliance: Things have changed

The PRD leadership for the longest time have rejected the possibility of an alliance that includes PAN for 2012 - that is, fielding a common presidential candidate.

Now, former party president and leader of the Nueva Izquierda group, the largest in the PRD, Jesús Ortega, appears to open up for the possibility of an alliance with PAN. Earlier, PAN hinted ever so slightly at the same possibility - a scenario that immediately was dismissed by secretary general Dolores Padierna.

Now even party president Jesús Zambrano says "one cannot declare the issue to be dead."

One may well accuse Ortega et al of backtracking, given their earlier dismissal of a possible 2012 alliance. One may also say that after the steamroller PRI victory past weekend, where PRI pulled every trick to win, and which was far larger than expected - well, things have changed.

And speaking of things have changed:
Let's not forget that AMLO, when seeking to negotiate a common candidate with PAN ahead of the 2000 election, even said he would vote for Fox.

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