Thursday, July 28, 2011

Partido del Trabajo: Marcelo Ebrard is "young and unexperienced"

The latest anecdote piling on top of a mountain of evidence that there is absolutely no way that the Mexican "Workers Party" or PT will abide by its promise to back either Marcelo Ebrard or AMLO for 2012, depending on who is ahead in a national poll both candidate agreed to take:

Alberto Anaya, national president of the party, said that Ebard, age 51, is "very young, and because of this unexperienced" to be president.

Let's see. Before becoming mayor of Mexico City, what was AMLO's legislative or administrative experience? Any government office? Federal deputy? Senator? Local deputy? Mayor?

None. He was head of the Tabasco PRI, then joined the PRD, and was its president 1996-99, before becoming mayor.

In very much related news, the Convergencia party, which despite jumping on board with AMLO is on the verge of electoral extinction, recently suggested to fuse with the PT. Convergencia, to recall, will change its name to Citizens Movement soon, and change its party logo to use the eagle of AMLO's legitimate government. AMLO, in the meantime, has in the past year and a half used all of the PT's federally allotted airtime, to transmit 665,568 ads in radio and television all over the country.

So much for party identity.

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