Monday, July 11, 2011

Narcopolitics in Michoacán: Long-term strategy to infiltrate politics

Mexico's Secretariat of Public Security detailed in an analysis how La Familia Michoacana for years - starting, apparently, in 2000 - "have sought to have persons related to their criminal organization popularly elected," and successfully penetrated in 2000-2007 security and justice institutions, and co-opted social actors.

SSP also claimed much success in the fight against the mafia, with 729 members arrested in the last three years.

Right now, 1,800 heavily armed federal police are arriving in Michoacán, ostensibly with the task of arresting Servando Gómez Martínez, o3 "La Tuta," the apparent head of La Famila, or Los Caballeros Templarios as they seem to be calling themselves now. La Tuta has been apparently spotted in the Apatzingán area by Mexican intelligence.

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