Thursday, July 21, 2011

It had to happen: AMLO backtracks on the poll to decide PRD candidacy

The news were buried in yet another AMLO story in La Jornada (which appears to cover every speech, every sneeze that me makes) but of no less significance:

Sure, he will respect a poll, as promised, to decide whether he or Ebrard will be the candidate of the left in 2012. BUT - yes, now there is a BUT,
"if the poll is carried out by the members of the mafia of power, and if they only ask their underlings or the employees of the medias of communication, I am going to lose by a landslide."

Step one: Start looking for a way to discredit the poll.
Step two: Have one of your own underlings, René Bejarano, planting the same seeds in public by using almost the very same words - "it's obvious if they only poll people from PAN or PRI, they don't want him"
(which lead Marcelo Ebrard to declare that AMLO doesn't need any spokespersons). He sure does not - just listen to words from the horse's mouth.

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