Monday, July 18, 2011

Great leap forward for AMLO's MORENA movement to become a party

News buried far within the paper, and undeservedly so, as it may be very relevant news for the Mexican political scene: The Movimiento de Regeneración Nacional or MORENA of Andrés Manuel López Obrador is set to become a "Political Association" the coming Oct. 1- a major step toward becoming a party.

The setting will be the day after AMLO is set to end his latest tour of Mexico, of which I admit I have now lost count.

According to AMLO,
Parties are very discredited, including the progressive ones, because there are vices that turn them into the mold of the traditional ones, and they make them into the mold of traditional and they alienate them from what the people say.
Unless you have a true party of the people, whose will AMLO claims to know so well. This sounds like the beginning of a new party to me.

Given the continued fights betwen AMLO and the PRD, perhaps it would be better, to slightly paraphrase Lyndon B Johnson, to actually have AMLO pissing on the tent from the outside, rather than having him inside the tent pissing... inside.

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