Sunday, July 31, 2011

AMLO: No beef with the church

So that it remains clear: AMLO, in a political rally for his presidency in Tala, Jalisco, said he had "no dispute" (or perhaps, "quarrel," "issue" - the word is pleito) with religious groups:

"I have no dispute at all with the hierarchies of the catholic church, or of any other."

He is, of course, again hoping for the goodwill of the Catholic Church, just like in 2006, when he notoriously refused to commit to any "hot" topics such as abortion rights, the morning after pill, or euthanasia, telling the church he would put this up for vote for his vaunted "people" - as if were something that should simply be decided by majority vote. As mayor of Mexico City, he actively fought against his party's push for abortion and gay rights. While much can be ascribed to the all-encompassing goal of "saving" Mexico through him becoming president, and not put off voters not thrilled with social liberalism, he is in many ways as well a social conservative.

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