Thursday, June 16, 2011

Oaxaca: The first arrest in Cué's corruption probe. Who's next?

The first arrest: Gonzalo Ruiz Cerón, coordinator of transportation under Ulises Ruiz' brutal and corrupt rule of Oaxaca (2005-2011), was arrested by Oaxaca police, following an arrest warrant where he is accused of trafficking in licensing and permits for public transportation.

Governor  Gabino Cué, to recall, is following up on his campaign promises by performing a thorough audit of the previous PRI government, and said there are pending processes against a dozen other ex-functionaries of Ruiz' government.

All good and well, to be sure, but will Cué have the guts - and strength - to in the end finally go after Ulises Ruiz himself?

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  1. Is it even politically feasable to go after such top people as past governors? Even on the National level what happened to Echeverria in regards to the Tlatelolco massacre investigations? At the State-level I'm sure it would be that much harder. Even former Mayor Hank Rhon has been untouchable. I think if Governor Cue can isolate the worst offenders at the lowest to middle level, the lowest hanging fruit, and still function, that will be quite an achievement that may reduce corruption some degrees.